'Awesome' Austin Hudson

FOUNDER & Camp Director

A graphic designer, photographer, and relatively decent human being, Austin founded Camp Oquisojo and has continued serving as Camp Director since then. No matter how many times he asks if someone else wants to take over, they keep inviting him to stay. You can find him online at Austin Hudson dot com.


'Rad' Thad

Senior camp counselor

Camp Oquisojo's most vocal supporter, Thad Weiland is arguably the most honest Real Estate Broker on the planet, and the person who will take over Camp Oquisojo in the event of any tragic accidents or anything. Whenever someone needs a helping hand, Thad Weiland is the first one on the scene, and the last one to leave. Find him online at Domain Utah.



Of course, doing awesome things requires money, and that means donations from amazing individuals willing to step up and toss in some money to make things happen. These incredible individuals are:

Michelle Speckman

Brian Shellabarger

Bam Peck

Stacy Hughes

Kathy Hughes

Toria Magleby

Erin Starks-Teeter

Kathy Younker

Anne Giblin

James Merlette