How It Works

Doing good doesn't need to be complicated. Here's an easy breakdown of how Camp Oquisojo functions.

Camp sessions

There are two types of Camp Oquisojo sessions: full sessions (one activity a day, every day, for one month) and retreat sessions (one activity a day, every day, for one week). Full sessions are usually scheduled for twice a year in Spring and Fall, while retreat sessions occur somewhat randomly.

The best way to find out about upcoming service sessions? Join the Camp Oquisojo Facebook group.

Camp Activities

A random sampling of the activities our campers have enjoyed in past sessions include:

• Buying wedding gifts for total strangers off their gift registry

• Delivering flowers to seniors in retirement homes

• Leaving anonymous kind notes hidden around the city

• Picking up litter and garbage in common spaces

• Returning stray shopping cards in store parking lots

• Introducing yourself to your neighbors and making new friends

Camper Stories

One of the most exciting parts of Camp Oquisojo is discovering the different ways that camp activities can affect your life.

You're invited to read camper stories by clicking the link below.