Q. why is the facebook group listed as 'private' if everyone is invited to join?

A. Frankly, for two reasons. One, because some of our members would prefer to have privacy while discussing their contributions, or sharing their personal experience. This way, they can still have some degree of privacy while sharing their experiences with fellow campers. Two, because good deeds matter more when they're done anonymously, which means that we're in the practice of not publicly showing off our good deeds or members.



A. Camp Oquisojo is free. We don't want you to pay us anything, and we're typically shy about accepting donations. The wide majority of camp activities are also designed to be no-cost or low-cost to allow as many people to participate as possible.


Q. HOW Much money do you make off this thing?

A. Zero. Camp Oquisojo is absolutely free, and is a not-for-profit organization. We're determined to keep that way. Your camp staff is comprised entirely of volunteers who accept nothing for their contributions to the group.


Q. Can I give you money?

A. We've tried very hard to keep money out of Camp Oquisojo, since money tends to have a corrupting effect on non-profit groups. Instead, we're more than happy to direct you to local/national charities that we support or, if you're especially stubborn, we will accept donations in the form of supplies for camp activities. For either of these things, please use our Contact form.



A. Full camp sessions (typically one month long) generally take place twice a year, with smaller 'retreat' sessions (typically one week long) sprinkled throughout the year. The best way to keep in touch is, of course, to join the Facebook group. From there you'll be alerted to service opportunities, discussions, and updates when the next full camp session will begin.


Q. I want to start my own local 'camp oquisojo', can I do that?

A. Absolutely! Please use our Contact form and we'd be glad to give you tips and assistance in starting your own progressive kindness group.


Q. Where do you get your service project ideas?

A. Our camp activities come from a variety of sources: our camp staff, our dedicated campers, online resources, and books. One of our favorite books for getting ideas is Danny Wallace's 'Random Acts of Kindness'. I strongly encourage you to support Mr. Wallace, who is doing the same thing we are on the other side of the planet. He's a good dude.