Diane's Story

"I joined the Camp Oquisojo because I wanted to do be a part of a group that wanted to improve someone else’s day. These small acts of kindness reinforced behaviors I wanted to display and witness in others. Each day there are posted activities consisting of small easy tasks and once a week there is a camp legend which is a more challenging task that members of the community could participate in. We just don’t know the struggles someone else is going through but this group helps direct you to helping others or will shed light on what you can do to help make a difference. This is the hook that helped me get the warm fuzzes or “helper’s high” in the groups sharing of how they accomplished these tasks. Camp updates lets you witnessed kind-heartedness unfold in images or posts that reveal the story that leave you with a connected feeling. Some of my favorites highlights have been where one neighbor made cookies for another neighbor and introduced themselves the photo’s shared showed genuine appreciation. , where an anonymous note was left with encouraging words and then that person’s mom belonged to the group and wrote about how much that meant to the affected party which was just pure inspiration. “Just to give you an update on how kind and generous people are in this neighborhood. I have a feeling I know who did this for her. She called me crying asking if I knew anything about it. Of course I played dumb. Thank you for making her week a little brighter...a little easier and a little more special!” My deepest connection was one of Austin’s camp legend challenges to help start off somebody’s marriage right for a complete stranger. I can now tell you that what started off as a stranger in another state has become my most treasured story of friendship and left me with a sincere parental pride sensation that is so treasured by my heart. The willingness and pay it forward attitude has been motivational and an encouragement that has giving me so much joy and honor to be a part of something so positive and good natured. Joining this group and leading by Austin’s awesome example as well as this groups members has opened my eyes to witnessing beauty that spreads and is shared. You will never regret being a part of something greater than yourself and the healing affect it has on your spirit."